Did you know starting 4/21/2015 that Google started indexing app store data? This means an app can help you rank on pg 1 (because people want easy....an app is easy). 

Whether its a native app for a single business or a shared app, we can build it, publish to iTunes & Google Play, and help you market it. with:

  • Landing Pages & QR Codes
  • Video Previews
  • Email Announcement



Website visitors are great, but what if your customers took you with them?

And that's exactly what a mobile app does. 

What industries would benefit from mobile marketing?  Well, "what industry wouldn't ?" is more like it.   We now spend more time online with our phones than with our computers.  If you aren't being found by mobile users doing local searches, you are losing customers.

Stay in touch with your customers with push notifications. Share your app with social media or at the coffee shop in a jiffy. Get reporting on downloads and usage. Change coupons weekly or implement a loyalty reward program.  Did you know that over 80% of us base our purchasing decisions on reviews? With an app you can not only solicit reviews but you can monitor your reputation real time.

You are validating your professional image by being listed in the app stores: iTunes & Google Play.

App users are the most loyal customer as they have self-selected themselves to be in your exclusive 'club.'  Its less expensive to retain customers than it is to market to get new ones.

Homes & Property videos

Short, engaging videos on pg of Google

Pg 1 Google results with call-to-action

Would being on Pg 1 of Google help your business?

Marketing Solutions for all budgets

The world is mobile, in fact, 90% of us own a cellphone.  We do *everything* on our phones - shopping, research, directions. ​That's why our 1, 2, 3 marketing is targeting and catering to mobile users.

More time is spent online via phones than on desktop or laptop computers. How are you reaching those mobile users? Did you know you only have 3 seconds to capture the attention of a mobile user?  Mobile marketing really does matter and its importance will continues to increase.

If you think its too expensive or not necessary for your industry, we need to talk. We have solutions for all budgets.

DIGITAL MARKETING EXPERTS that help businesses engage mobile consumers.

Business Coach The Woodlands App promotion video

Customer Reviews videos

Customer Reviews videos

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